Our Social & Environmental Responsibility
Here at Auston Fox, we are passionate about our people and our environment.

We pride ourselves on only releasing a small number of collections per year as we do not want to be apart of the fast fashion industry. It is in Auston Fox's best interest to instead give you quality pieces that are timeless and versatile and will stay in your wardrobe for not only a good time but also a LONG time.
Our small collection runs are all made at a beautiful boutique manufacturer in Thailand. We have been fortunate enough to visit our manufacturer to ensure that all ethical standards and guidelines are being followed.  In addition to this we have met our lovely suppliers and makers face-to-face and from this, we have been able to build a very strong and reliable relationship.

All makers at our manufacture are young women who have been invited to the factory to be taught the skill to sew and make garments with the hopes of helping them build great futures.
Manufacturing Process

All of our vintage pieces are hand-picked by the designer from various suppliers in the United States. We love the idea of recycling clothing from past generations and joining it into our future.

When you open your Auston Fox parcel, you may find that your item is not inside a plastic sleeve. This is because we ask our manufactures to send us our collections without being individually plastic wrapped. Instead, your pieces are wrapped in tissue paper and put inside a satchel. We are currently working on switching our papers and satchels to recycled and biodegradable materials.

We are always looking for ways to minimize our impact and to improve our products, packaging, and processes. We see this as a continuous work in progress that we will always strive to improve.

We welcome any questions you may have on our production, processes and values. Please chat with us at