Wallflower [definition]  An individual who could be called shy, who doesn’t feel completely comfortable around others and having attention on them makes them feel uncomfortable. They have trouble making conversation as they don’t know what to say and standing up in front of people is their biggest weakness.

The Founder/designer always felt like she was a bit of a Wallflower growing up and always imagined her first range to include beautiful velvet floral prints. So, what better name to suit Auston Fox’s very first collection than ‘Wallflower’. Although she may have been shy, her mind and style was always a bit audacious. The pieces of Wallflower were created for the individuals who are also a bit shy yet a bit out there. Each style and print was designed with love and detail to portray this personality. This can be seen in the very simple on-trend shapes however eye-catching floral prints. A poly spandex blend velvet is used throughout the collection in three different floral prints and colours. The designer believes that the stretch velvet is such a beautiful fit on bodies of all shapes and sizes and brings nothing but confidence when worn. We want you to feel beautiful and confident in Wallflower.

The Raven
Made for the Bold

Named after a childhood friend, Raven was one of the first friends she ever made and still to this day is her best friend. They have been friends for over 18 years now. Raven was/is the outgoing and bodacious one in the friendship and is a lover of all things red. The red velvet floral print was designed for the Mini Skirt and Wrap Dress to show off Ravens personality and her role in their friendship. It was only fitting that the most statement print was named after her.

The Dreamer
Made for the Dreamers
Forever dreaming of new beginnings, faraway places and future times. Starting her own brand and designing unique collections was always a dream that has now become an amazing reality. The Dreamer floral velvet print featuring dark blue, red, pink and purple tones is to radiate nothing but dreams. This ones for the dreamers. Keep on dreaming, you never know when they may come true.

The Naked Rose
Made for the Faint-Hearted
Taking the plunge to start a brand, design your own collection and show it off to the world felt a bit like walking down the street completely naked. The cream colour and standout red rose velvet print was created to perfectly exhibit this feeling. The Naked Rose is for the faint-hearted, the shy, the modest and the brave. Take your plunge, it’s time.

We hope the Wallflower collection brings out the creative and courageous side inside of you. xx