Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Scope

1. Auston Fox respects the privacy of our customers and other individuals that interact with the business on all of its platforms. Auston Fox is bound by the Australian Privacy Principles contained in schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and other applicable privacy laws.

Collection of Personal Information

2. Where possible Auston Fox will deal with you anonymously however if personal information is required Auston Fox will do it’s best to retrieve the information directly from you. Personal information will be collected during interactions not limited to the purchasing of products, signing up to Auston Fox’s newsletter, entering Auston Fox competitions and giveaways promoted by Auston Fox’s official social media accounts and correspondence (by email, telephone social media etc.) with Auston Fox.

Information Collected

3. The information collected is primarily used for communication and personal commercial transactions. This information includes but is not limited too:

      • Your name
      • Your sex
      • Your date of birth
      • Your e-mail address
      • Your postal and billing addresses
      • Your billing details to enable payment (processed through a third party, generally Shopify, PayPal)
      • Your social media profile

Purpose for the Collection of Information

4. Personal information is collected to allow Auston Fox to provide products, services and communication to our customers. If a customer decides to withhold personal information, this may limit Auston Fox’s ability to provide the customer with products, services or information they require.

5. On occasion the marketing team at Auston Fox will use your email provide to alert customers of upcoming sales, new releases and other Auston Fox related materials.

Disclosure of Personal Information

6. Auston Fox will only disclose personal information to other third party sources if it is consistent with the request/action requested by the supplier of information, necessary for the successful continuation of the business of Auston Fox or required by law. These scenarios include but are not limited too;

      • Card-issuing bank to confirm payments
      • Third party payment methods such as Shopify and PayPal
      • Auston Fox’s legal advisors and accountants
      • Other persons including government and regulatory agencies as required or authorised by law.

7. If at any time a person wishes to see what personal information Auston Fox has collected about them, please email for further assistance.

Security of Personal Information

8. All personal information held by Auston Fox is in the form of either hard copy documents or electronic data. Auston Fox takes the necessary steps to ensure that all personal information regardless of its medium is stored in a secure way to avoid unauthorised access, misuse and unapproved disclosure.

9. The physical security of the hard copy documents and electronic equipment that house the personal information is done so within locked premises that are staffed for a majority of the time. Electronic security of information is achieved through person identification information such as passwords to control access to the necessary computers along with adequate firewalls in place to increase online security.

10. Despite all the measures in place to secure the personal information received by Auston Fox, internet operated data storage systems cannot be 100% secure in all situations. Despite these limitations, Auston Fox will continue their reasonable efforts to keep all personal information secure.

Updates to Auston Fox’s Privacy Policy

11. Auston Fox reserves the right to update our privacy policy to comply with relevant laws or changes within the business. Any updates will be enforced as soon as they are updated on and we encourage all associates of Auston Fox to periodically revise the privacy policy. 

Contact Us

12. For any further information or comments regarding our Privacy Policy including access to your personal information please email