Owner- Georgia


Founded by Georgia Tan in August of 2018, Auston Fox is an Australian brand that desires to bring you collections that include unique pieces which we feel might be missing from your wardrobe. 

The idea behind each collection brought to you by Auston Fox is from Georgia’s outtake of her personality growing up. Although she may have been quiet and shy, her mind and style was always a bit audacious. Each style and print from our first collection “Wallflower’ were designed with love and detail to portray this personality. This is now the core idea behind all our designs. This can be seen in the very simple on-trend shapes however eye-catching prints and/or details. You could describe it as ‘Shy but not really’.

Auston Fox’s small collection runs are designed and made with the goal of contributing to your own personal style and that these pieces will be in your closet for a good time AND a long time. With this goal in mind, we are able to produce high quality and timeless collections that will serve you no matter the occasion. Whether heading to a festival, weekend brunch, night on the town or a special occasion, Auston Fox has you covered.

We love the idea of mixing old with the new and are passionate about recycling clothing from past generations and joining them into our future. In between giving you our special designed collections, we release one-of-a-kind vintage t-shirts that have been personally hand-picked. This personal hand picking experience ensures we are bringing you nothing but the best.

Auston Fox was made for the faint-hearted, the shy, the modest and the brave. Take your plunge, it’s time.


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