Made for your inner Wild Child.

This collection was inspired by moving past our Wallflower selves and letting out the inner wild child living inside of us. We all have that bit of a wild side that we only let out from time to time. This collection was made for you to take that step into letting your wild run free. Taking inspiration from the sights of the Hollywood Hills, this collection is a bit of desert and wild west vibe. The sexy and sleek velvet snakeskin print and sophisticated velvet black fabric were chosen to make you feel comfortable yet confident. Bringing back some older styles and adding in some new. The pieces were made to be worn as separates on a day to day basis or if you are feeling a little more frisky, you can wear the styles as a complete set. We want you to feel fearless and sophisticated in Wild Child.

The Sunset Snakeskin
Made for your inner Wild Child
Inspired by all things ‘wild’, the Sunset Snakeskin design is a bit of a spicy print that will have you turning heads everywhere you go. The print and shapes were designed with the hopes of making you feel sexy and cute. You can add these pieces to any casual look to create a little more pop and a little more wild. It was most fitting that this sexy Snakeskin print was named after the characteristics of Sunset Boulevard. Bring out your inner spice in the Sunset Snakeskin pieces.  

The Melrose
Made for the Chic & Sophisticated
Designed for exploring your sophistic and chic side. A chic and sophisticated woman can be defined as having, revealing, or involving a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture. When you wear these pieces, this is how we want you to feel and be represented. These simple yet sophisticated styles were designed to be timeless pieces that are versatile for many looks which can be worn through the day or night. The Melrose name was inspired by the designer boutiques and high-end housewares stores that dominate the western end of Melrose Avenue.

 Bring out your inner Wild Child and set her free. Xx